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Published at 2018, February 16
The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg is a 1936 Rainbow Parade cartoon featuring Felix the Cat. This is the first Felix cartoon in color. It was produced by Van Beuren Studios and distributed to theaters by RKO Radio Pictures on February 7, 1936.

Goldie lays golden eggs while Felix the Cat sends gold to the townspeople. Then Captain Kidd steals Goldie and took him to Kidd's pirate ship. Goldie was "goose-napped", so Felix comes to rescue him.


This was my first coloured video restoration. I increased the contrast & lowered the brightness to compensate, which removed some of the "washed out" appearance. I also corrected the colours as the hues were very off, giving everything was yellow-tinge. Skin, gold, and wood no longer all look the same colour. I also increased the resolution substantially, using a precise bilinear calculation which helped to increase the sharpness & over-all appearance of cleanliness of each frame (the best quality digitized source I could find was only 320 x 240 pixels).

There was a small amount of background hiss I removed from the audio, and I amplified the quieter bits to normalize the entire cartoon. I also lowered the pitch, which guessing is the way it was originally intended to sound and time just deteriorated it, as after my audio-modifications the pirates actually sound like pirates, and Felix's voice isn't so high-pitched and grating to the ear-drums.

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