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Published at 2018, January 30
Too cheap to pay the full price, Ralph cons Norton into paying for half a TV Set; Ralph fights with Norton over a TV that they share but is in Ralph's apartment. This episode has Ralph doing a double take when Norton watches Captain Video and His Video Rangers!

In 1997, TV Guide ranked this episode #26 on its list of the 100 Greatest Episodes.

Original Air Date: Oct 1, 1955

Jackie Gleason ... Ralph Kramden
Art Carney ... Ed Norton
Audrey Meadows ... Alice Kramden
Joyce Randolph ... Trixie Norton


Classic 1st episode of The Honeymooners. I modified the visuals of this episode to make the characters a lot more distinctive, as they were blending into the background quite a bit in this old footage, and I cleaned up the audio an awful lot, making the vocals sound a lot clearer and reducing background 'mic noise' considerably. I also fixed the aspect ratio to play properly in widescreen. Many copies of the Honeymooners online are stretched from television's 4:3 to wide's 16:9, and make everything look a little bit off and "squished".

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