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ArchaicTV Presents our digitally enhanced version of Our Rascals - Little Rascals film: Bouncing Babies

Wheezer is jealous of his baby brother, who gets all the attention from his family while Wheezer is ignored and expected to behave like a "big boy". After a failed attempt at making his own breakfast (and being spanked for doing so), Wheezer attempts to run away from home with Pete the Pup. After he happens upon Farina, they both find themselves on the receiving end of Halloween pranks from the gang in their costumes.

Farina tells Wheezer a tall tale about trading in an unwanted baby sibling for a goat and inspires Wheezer to try the same. However, when Wheezer arrives at the hospital with the baby carriage (which unknown to him holds Mary Ann's doll rather than the baby) in order to "change the baby for a goat," a nurse plays along, but also calls Wheezer's mother and informs her of what he HAs done. Wheezer's mother and his sister Mary Ann pretend to be distraught over the baby's disappearance.

After seeing his mother crying, a remorseful Wheezer rushes back to the hospital to retrieve his brother, but the nurse informs him that it is too late. Wheezer returns home alone, and his mother tells him to pray for the baby to return. Wheezer then drops to his knees and begins praying, only for the baby to come out of hiding and knock him on the head.

I was able to sharpen and brighten up the image a little. The audio quality in this old first-season talkie was really bad, with missing parts and a lot of audio degredation. I did what I could to remove the background hiss without negatively affecting the audio quality too much. There are still a fair few pops and clicks, although I was able to blunt them so they aren't as hard on the ears.

Bouncing Babies is a 1929 Our Gang short comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan.[2][3] Produced by Hal Roach and released to theaters by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, it was the 92nd Our Gang short to be released.

Norman Chaney as Chubby
Jean Darling as Jean
Allen Hoskins as Farina
Bobby Hutchins as Wheezer
Mary Ann Jackson as Mary Ann
Harry Spear as Harry
Pete the Pup as Himself

Jackie Cooper as Kid listening to Farina's story
Bobby Mallon as Kid listening to Farina's story
Dora Dean as Mrs. Dean, the mother
Eddie Dunn as Eddie, the father
Lyle Tayo as Nurse
Tommy Atkins as Wheezer's little brother (unconfirmed)

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